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Large Confer removal

Remove Conifer trees & Replace with 6ft timber fence

More pictures of this project:

Removal of 3 Large conifer trees, All Trees Had to be climbed and dismantled using lowering ropes to prevent damge to flaged area under the trees


All Waste Removed

Removal of conifer trees, All Waste Removed and recycled. Fencing Is High pressure treated to

maintain a long life. All Posts Concreted 2ft deep.

Decking with Steps


All Frame Work To a High Standard, Very Sturdy.

 We Finshed the job earlier than thought graveled the area around the decking for free

Tree Removal

Removal of conifer tree blocking sunlight into greenhouse

Silver Birch Removal Close to house and garage

Removal Of Silver birch, No Room To fell the tree so Climbed with Rope and harness

Safley dismantled in small sections.

Custom Made Bar/Shed for Garden Parties

Hand Made in workshop Using Pressure treated long life timber. 3by 2 flags layed for sheds base.

Removal of two large Conifers close to building and Full Landscape garden.

We Removed two oversize conifer trees from a small garden, We then desgined and installed a new decking seated area, Lawn, raised beds and fence ( note: Neigbour did not agree with a new fence down one side!)

Beech tree crown Reduction

Reduction of large beech tree, Finshed photo is taken after spring so you can see the finished product.

Stump Grinding

3 Large conifer stumps removed by 18inches below ground level using a Charlton tracked stump grinder.

Removal of Cherry tree

Removal of Cherry tree blocking light into the house, All branches removed and heavy timber cut and split into logs for customers log burner.

New Feather edged fence with step and kickboard

New fence to match current style, old fence removed and job left v.tidy

Removal of a Large Beech Tree close to house

Large Beech Tree Climbed and dismanted section by section avoiding damaging the property.

New Gates

New gates made and fitted using pressure treated timber

New Fence 6ft Boarded.

New Fence with Gate. Old fence removed

Hedge Reduction

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